2017 God's Pocket, British Columbia - Merry Passage

In the company of our good friends, Cindy and Rick Rogers, Phil and I dove 5 days at our favorite spot on earth, God's Pocket.  We knew that vis wouldn't be stellar at this time of year, but we hit an unusually thick plankton bloom.  Generally, there was limited vis above 60 ft, and many dives were essentially night dives. Vis ranged from 2 - 25 ft., 48 - 50 °F.

The usually abundant contingent of sculpins, crabs and nudibranchs were tucked away, perhaps hiding from predators.  Or were animals avoiding the dense concentration of spiny diatom chains, visible in many of my photographs?  

Divers frequently sighted juvenile wolf-eels and those marvelously mutable Red Irish Lords, which were more common than in past years.  Invert life seemed comparatively sparse, but there were still more subjects than one could photograph in a dive.  Still, we were thrilled to find new animals and share experiences with a wonderful group of divers who enjoyed the unique and diverse marine life of the ever-enchanting Browning Pass.   

Phil's report is at:  Fourth Annual British Columbia Trip

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